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The Adventures of Lola by Jade Harley — 2 Comments

  1. When we’re writing for children, who absorb so much more than we adults do, it is critical that a good example of grammar is set all the way through. Grammar “rules” for written English are designed to help the reader understand what is being read, and often someone will read a lengthy article that complies with those “rules” without considering it long, but complain about a poorly written article half the length. If we present children with poor grammar they will grow up thinking that that is acceptable, and they will fall into the big pit of being misunderstood because they haven’t expressed themselves carefully enough. Of course, in the case of something spoken by someone with poor grammar skills it is appropriate to break those rules because that’s how the person would speak. That shouldn’t be a reason for ignoring good grammar anywhere else.

    • You make valid points Étienne. You will be pleased to know that the author has done a re-edit on this book and hopes that she has got all the grammar errors this time around. She was very grateful for the feedback.

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