I’m happy to review books in the genres listed below. Therefore, if there are any authors out there that would like me to review their book for them, and it falls within the genres listed below, I will look at it and consider reading it for them.

Please Note: I’m currently experencing much interest in reviews for books and as such I have many waiting to be read (in addition to books I personally want to read). Recently I have started working and as such my time is being stretched even more than usual. In light of this your books being read, reviewed/rated may be delayed more than expected. I thank you for your understanding.

Book format:
I have recently decided to only accept reviews from authors who are willing to send me a physical copy of his/her book. I live in Australia.

Genres I will happily read:
Historical Fiction
General non-fiction
Picture books/Children’s books
YA/Middle Grade
Graphic novels
Short story
Debut or Indie authors who fall into the above categories.

Genres I will NOT read:
Paranormal (any kind)
Nothing with witches, vampires etc
Magical Realism
LGBTQIA+ (this style of writing is just not my thing)